Getting There

How to get to Tavakli Village

The easiest route to get to us from Birmingham is with Thomas Cook or a chartered flight to the Greek Island of Lesbos. From Mytilene Port you can get the high speed ferry across to the Turkish mainland to the town of Ayvalik and book online with Jale Tourism. You are then just two hours or so away from our location. You can also book your return flight from Lesbos or take a coach to Istanbul and fly home from there.

Some people like to visit Istanbul when coming to Turkey. This means you will fly into Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul. You can get very reasonable flight prices from all UK major airports by using the website:

By Car from Istanbul

The most challenging part of getting to Tavakli from Istanbul is working out your arrangements once you have landed. For those brave enough to face the Istanbul traffic a hire car is perhaps the easiest method.

Once you get out on the main highway and clear of Istanbul it is a fairly easy road trip on good roads which take you through Tekirdag, Gallipoli, Eceabat and a ferry crossing over to Canakkale. From there the new dual carriageway will take you to Ezine the final town before your last 22 km to the village. The total journey will take you around 5 hours and take you through some spectacular landscapes.

If your flight was to Izmir then you are around 5 hours away by good roads.

Car Hire: or

Our favourite and the most efficient and reliable car rental company is RentGo who actually have an office in the Airport Terminal at Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

Addressİç Hatlar Gelen Yolcu Terminali, Atatürk Havalimanı Cd., Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 465 05 99 Website:

By Coach

From Ataturk International Airport ( Ataturk Hava Limani ) you can take the train by using the metro underneath the airport. It is well sign posted and will enable you to reach the Buyuk Otogar ( main bus terminal ) from where you can take a coach to your destination in Ezine. The cost of travel is around £15 per person.

The best coach companies to use are Kamil Koc or Truva Seyahat  who will take you and your baggage comfortably by road to the small town of Ezine just 22 km from where we are based.

Taxi to the Bus Terminal ( Buyuk Otogar )

From Ataturk Airport in light traffic times will take about 15 minutes and cost you just under £10.00. Make sure you establish the cost first.

From Canakkale to Ezine

From Canakkale’s main bus station ( Otogar ) you can take a coach to the town of Ezine which only takes about 45 minutes along a good dual carriageway. From the bus station at Ezine there are regular minibus operators ( Dolmus ) a kind of shared taxi which can take you directly to Tavakli village.

By Taxi from Ezine to Tavakli

Tavakli is not that far from Ezine. In fact it is just 22 km from our village. Taxi fares are quite reasonable and you can expect to pay around £15 for the journey. Of course the regular minibus operators are much cheaper with a single fare costing only £2.50. The bus stops and picks up along the way and the total journey takes around 40 minutes.

Changing Money

We are often asked the question “How much money do I need”. This is almost impossible to answer as everyone has different spending priorities whilst on holiday and what happens if you fall in love with that leather jacket, gold ring or Turkish carpet? Certainly it is best to bring cash and change the money in Turkey where you will get better rates.

Is Turkey safe?

Turkey is very safe by comparison to the UK. The crime rate is low and the Turkish people are very hospitable and protective towards visitors. There is however the unfortunate threat of terrorism in the same way as there is in Europe. For the latest up to date travel information on Turkey please visit:

Do I need a visa for Turkey?

Yes you do. It is better to purchase this online rather than face a queue at the airport in Turkey. Please make sure you purchase it from the official Turkish Government Visa website and not one of the numerous scam websites. The website address for the official website is:

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