Babadere Village

The village of Babadere is 10 km from Tavakli village along the coast road towards Gülpınar. Çanakkale is 90 km away and the town of Ayvacık is 21km from Babadere.

This is a small village with around 160 people. Many of the old stone houses are empty or completely abandoned. There is a mosque and there was a school here although that is no longer used. There is no health centre in the village but there is a tarmac road and the village is fully connected to the national grid with phone lines and sewage infrastructure.

Uluköy ( Kestanbol )

The village of Uluköy is situated 7.5 km from Tavakli village along the country road rather than the coast road. To reach it you would travel from Tavakli to Alemsah, from Alemsah to Akçakeçili and then the next stop is Ulukoy. It is 18 km from Ezine.

At first glance Uluköy looks and feels like one of the largest villages around. It has a busy high street, a bakery, more than one bakkal ( shop ) and several tea rooms. There is also a repair workshop for tractors and small trucks. There is also a Barber and the village has two mosques, a brand new health centre and petrol station.