Our Mosque

Tavakli mosque might look just like any other mosque to a visitor passing through but this is the centre of the community and it is very well looked after and revered by the citizens of Tavakli village.


Tavakli mosque welcomes all visitors. Please take the time to visit the mosque for prayer or to look around. Visiting a mosque is a learning experience and followers of Islam welcome tourists to the mosque.


Please observe simple rules of etiquette when visiting so as not to cause offence. The most important thing is to leave your shoes in the area provided before you enter the mosque and to act as you would in any house of God. Avoid talking loudly, turn off your mobile phone and do not take food or drink inside the mosque. Most of the rules are common sense.


Basically, dress appropriately and make sure your legs are covered and that you are respectful of your surroundings. If in doubt ask and someone will happily escort you around and put you right if you make any mistakes.


May Allah be with you at every step you take,
May Allah guide you in each decision you make,
May Allah help you when life gets rough,
May Allah Bless you with more than enough,
May Allah protect you when you fall,
May Allah hear you when you call,
May Allah sooth your heart when you don’t understand,
May you always be in Allah’s loving Hand.. Ameen



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